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Representing Your Products in The US Market

About Us

About Us
Representing your products in the US market

If you are a small or medium sized business and you know there’s a market for your products in the US but don’t have the resources to have a presence, we can help.

We Offer representation of companies outside of the US looking to grow their customer base in the US. Selling into the U.S. market is a smart move whether you’re targeting businesses (B2B) or individuals (B2C). It can be a great way to significantly grow your business.

Why Soleisa Global Trading?

* Over 25 years of experience on the supplier and customer sides of the US consumer goods industry.
* Extensive portfolio of contacts in a variety of industries. Our main areas of business include:

1. The Pet Industry
2. The Home Appliances Industry (Gardening, kitchen and maintenance tools)
3. The Generic Spare parts area of business (air filters, vacuum filters, AC filters, etc)
4. Grocery Stores Foods (including soft drinks, wine and spirits)

Even if your product does not fit into any of our categories, we would love to hear about them. We have an extensive network of contacts.

How do you get started?

Send us an email at Briefly discuss your industry, target US markets and customers. If you are interested in providing samples that is even better, as we can approach prospective customers with a demonstration. You will incur no costs. We work on 100% commission on sales.

Would like to send us your samples?

For Asia:

Kindly mail your samples to our Shenzhen sourcing office at:

Shipping Address: 广东省 深圳市 龙华新区 民治街道 民乐科技园 2栋603#
Receiver Name: 3486Corbello
Post Code: 518131
Mobile Phone No.: 13510106901

For Europe and Latin America:

Kindly contact us for instructions:

Please make sure:

  • You provide us with your shipping company and tracking number as soon as you mail your samples ( This number will be your unique sample identifier and will help us avoid sample misplacement or loss.
  • You add a business card, company brochure or contact information. We will not be able to identify a sample’s supplier without this information.
  • Label your samples with the appropriate discussed specifications.
  • We normally ship samples to the US once a week.  

Our Services

Amazon USA Distribution

Selling on Amazon can be daunting and confusing. That’s where we come in. At Soleisa Global Trading, our goal is to make your life easier by taking the responsibility of selling products online. We will buy it and keep it Once we purchase your product it becomes our responsibility. No returns and no buy backs. We pay for products upfront and take the risk out of your hands. We provide dependable forecasts to keep your product in stock, but not overstocked, which allows for seamless transactions with our partners and customers. Not all of our business partners are the same, so we don’t treat them that way. Our specialists focus on different industries to create a tailored relationship that is most beneficial for selling your products online.

Sales Agent

Sales agent for non-us companies. We will establish a marketing presence of your portfolio in in the US. We will solicit orders domestic US companies on your behalf. We will suggest wholesale / distributor prices, but you the customer will have the final say on even whether to accept orders.

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Exclusive Distributor

Exclusive distributor on a buy-sell basis. We will buy your products at a set price and resell them to US customers at a price established by us. When we act as a distributor, the customer may have no control over the export price and not even know the foreign clients are. These types of relationships is established through an International Distribution Contract.

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In specific trade operations we may not act as a buyer or seller but as an intermediary that charges a commission on export and import operations. These types of relationships are normally established through an Intermediary Contract for Trade Operations.

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E-Commerce Return Solutions

Does your current global returns process provide a positive user-friendly customer experience? Soleisa E-Commerce Return Solutions enhances the localized shopping experience for your US customers, providing the final piece of the puzzle to ensure a remarkable customer experience from start to finish. We work closely with each of your online or brick-and-mortar retailers to deliver a customized returns solution that best fits their unique business model. We can also handle your re-calls in the US. Contact us to discuss your individual needs. Our services include, repackaging, consolidating and forwarding your samples to China or to other US locations. Have any special needs? We love challenges, drop us a line and we will be happy to assist you.

Sample Storage and Distribution Solutions

Need to send samples to your US prospects? We understand that many times, the cost of shipping a sample to the US can exceed the cost of the item by 10 or even more times, and that often times prospects walk away at the sole idea of paying $50 plus per sample per shipping. Worry no more, we can help solving the no sample-no customer dilemma. Ship us your samples! We will store them for free for 2 months and ship them to your customers as the need arises. You will pay domestic shipping plus U$1 for handling.

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